Tyler Sorockinsky


Performance Optimization Consultant & Life Coach

Tyler first began swimming and playing soccer at 5 years old and still continues to pursue these sports today. He was a member of the swim team and both the outdoor and indoor soccer teams for all of his 5 years at Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School. Tyler and his outdoor soccer team were the G.M.A.A Champions for both his 4th and final year. He was also named male athlete of the year in his graduating year and received the “Tony Licursi” bursary, recognizing excellence in student academics and athletics. At the same time, he was also playing for the Pierrefonds Soccer Association, a team for which he currently still plays.

With a passion for learning and sports performance, he then graduated from the Science program at John Abbott College and is now currently in his 3rd year in the Athletic Therapy Program at Concordia University. Tyler has currently completed two internships as a student athletic therapist, working both with the Concordia Varsity Football team where he provided coverage of their practices and games, and with the Perform Centre Athletic Therapy clinic where he completed musculoskeletal evaluations and treatments under the watch of his supervisors.

With Tyler’s experience in sports as both an athlete and a student in Athletic Therapy, he is very passionate in helping athletes reach their academic and performance goals. With his knowledge, he helps athletes minimize their chance of injury while also trying to improve the recovery period to help athletes return back to their sport.