Training: On The Field - On The Ice

On The Field - On The Ice

You can benefit from the expertise of our different coaches and training plans to improve your performance and that of your team. The goal of our training programs is, beyond giving young people a taste for the sport they practice, to perfect them in this practice while instilling in them values that are at the center of our organization. We welcome young people of all levels during a training once a week at the center of your choice and according to the day and the niche that suits you. Our various training programs represent the basis of our organization and condition the future players and ambassadors of tomorrow from an early age. The main objective is therefore to help young people improve while enjoying quality infrastructure and with the watchwords: respect, pleasure and commitment. To meet our objectives of training individualization, we provide 1 coach for 6 to 10 players as well as specific coaches per line. At the same time, our coaches meet regularly with the coach of our client's team in order to better track the evolution of the player.

A three-phase apprenticeship


Phase 1

  • - Highlighting the major points
  • - Aerobic capacity development, coordination and flexibility work
  • - Learning different tactical situations

Phase 2

  • - Accentuation of the speed of execution of all the movements and specification as per their position
  • - Development of physical qualities (speed, strength, etc.)
  • - Mastery of different game systems

Phase 3

  • - Preparation for competition

This Includes:

  • Personal Trainer

  • Sport Advisor

  • Video Analyst

  • Perfomance Optimization Advisor

Success Rates:

Technically   - 94% -
Tactically   - 95% -
Physically   - 92% -
Mentally   - 96% -

Choose your Plan

You can choose any membership plan that you would like to start with.

On The Field

Location: Ecole Bilingue Notre-Dame de Sion
1775 Decarie, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4L 3N5

  • 25 Sundays
  • 50 hours
  • From Oct. 22nd - Apr. 29th
  • Sunday: 6PM - 8PM

180$ /Month

$45$ /Session

On The Ice

Location: Arena Jacques Lemaire
8681 Boulevard Champlain, LaSalle, QC H8P 1B8

  • 25 Sundays
  • 50 hours
  • From Oct. 22nd - Apr. 29th
  • Sunday: 6PM - 8PM


To Be Announced!

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First Appointment - Free

This first meeting allows the life coach and mentor to explain in details the services we provide to the parents.
Furthermore, this allows the coach and futur client to create a first contact for the elaboration of a personalized program.

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