Sport Team

Sport Team

At Pro Evolution Coaching, our coaching service for schools and sports teams occupies a prominent place: at the heart of a system set up like a clock, our best specialists serve your programs with high-level personalized coaching while offering them a suitable professional curriculum. We offer you top-notch coaching by conducting in-depth physical assessments with our Performance Optimization Specialists, Physiotherapy Consultants and Injury Prevention Consultants. On a technical and psychological level, we offer you our mentors and life coaches who will meet your players and coaches to help them converge in the same direction. Our technical advisers and video analysts will be at your disposal to help you on the technical side by giving you an external vision of your different teams. Our nutritionists and naturopaths will make sure to meet your athletes and give them basic tips for good health and eating habits. Our tutors always follow up with each of your athletes to make sure they are up to date with their academic obligations. To close it off, one of our speakers will give a lecture to your athletes and your coaching staff. Meetings with the management of your team are frequently done.

This Includes:

  • Life Coach - Mentor

  • Physiotherapist

  • Nutritionist

  • Personal Trainer

  • Sport & Video Advisor

  • Perfomance Optimization Advisor

  • Tutor

  • Sport Doctor

  • Osteopathe

  • Massage Therapist

  • Kinesiologist

  • Naturopath

  • And More...

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Success Rates:

Meeting Between Athlete And Mentor   - 92% -
Meeting Between Coach And Parent   - 95% -
Development Of A Personalized Program   - 94% -
Targeted Advise From Our Life Coaches   - 96% -
Tailored Training Plan For Athletes   - 95% -
Tailored Nutrition Plan   - 94% -
Guide For Peak Athletic Performance   - 91% -
Personalized Coaching Program   - 90% -
Follow Up And Continuous Improvement   - 88% -
Psychological Development Of The Athlete   - 89% -
Psychological Evolution   - 93% -
Evolution Of Sports Skills   - 92% -
Academic Tutoring   - 87% -
Health And Wellness Evolution   - 95% -

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First Appointment - Free

This first meeting allows the life coach and mentor to explain in details the services we provide to the parents.
Furthermore, this allows the coach and futur client to create a first contact for the elaboration of a personalized program.

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