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Develop their leadership

At Pro Evolution Coaching, we prioritize the development of young athletes. We want them to feel comfortable, happy, to take constructive habits, and to develop qualities that will help them feel happy and give them a sense of accomplishment in their sport and their life.

Develop their sense of responsibility

We help your youth become more responsible at home, develop more initiatives with friends and at school, all while striving to become a leader in their sport. By developing these qualities, they set out on a good path for their future.

Golden opportunities

We are directly connected with excellent university programs which allow us to easily refer your athlete to the best academic institutions. By working with us, you make sure to offer them a future full of opportunity and a more reachable success.

Mentor and life coach

By working with us, you surround your youngster with high level athletes who also have a great academics background and who are social leaders. They will be surrounded by young people like them looking to be active and have fun. This will allow them to develop a large network of friends who will support them in their development.



100% of the athletes that have worked with us appreciate the progress they've made in their sports and academic results


39 athletes stay for more than 3 months because they see results our programs bring.



90% of our teenagers say we have helped them progress personally as well as in many dimensions of their life.



Our athletes with academic difficulties have increased their results with us due to our parternership programs. They went from average to excellente.


I would like to congratulate this organization for everything they have put in place to help the student athlete of our community. The program they put in place was able to allow our youngsters to flourish in all spheres of their lives, to surpass themselves not only in sport but also socially and academically As an active member of the comité aviseur jeunesse of desjardins, i can only be proud to support this type of initiative. My implication as an ambassador for the MTL 357 have made me understand the importance of this organisation.

Ben Lumière

Ambassador of MTL 375

Before joining Pro Evolution Coaching my son was experiencing difficulty expressing himself with his teammates despite the fact that he was one of the best players on his team. My husband and I decided to hire a life coach from this amazing organisation. Since my son started meetings with them, his life has changed for the better. They were able to give him advice to help him get along with his teammates. My husband and I are truly grateful for everything they have done for our boy.

Élodie & Serge Blondin

Parent of Nicolas

After having suffered a concussion, our daughter was afraid to return to the game despite the assurances of her doctor. Not knowing what to do to motivate her, we used this service, which was referred to us by a hockey coach who use this service for his team. Our daughter started working with Willy who had also suffered a concussion in the past. The attitude of our daughter has changed quickly and she is now more confident returning on the ice. We also thank the Performance Optimization Advisors who greatly helped her get back in shape.

Valérie Desbiens

Mother of Stéphanie