Robert Sands Jr. III


Marketing Strategist - Sports Advisor & Video Analyst

Robert is a business coach and strategy consultant. With Pro Evolution, he has the ambition to create an inspiring world of tomorrow the next generation will be able to enjoy. Through Pro Evolution, he dedicates himself to have a positive impact on the up and coming youth, the leaders of tomorrow, to help them early on become balanced, striving, confident and responsible individuals.
Robert has been lucky enough to study at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in high school and Cegep, as well as McGill University, in a profile specifically built for Entrepreneurship.
During high school, he played Triple-A basketball as well as Lacrosse, and was selected to play with the Cegep team while he was still in secondary 4, a first in 8 years. He was also chosen as captain for his Lacrosse team. His love for sports also brought him to be a coach in the United States as well as Canada, and truly helps him be more conscious of the challenges faced by the young student athletes at Pro Evolution.

"Our responsibility is to consciously build the generation of tomorrow so that they may live in a world of peace, growth, profound relationships and meaning."

As a Strategy and Marketing Coordinator, Robert ensures that the business and it’s members all develop a mission, a vision, as well as making sure to equip them well so that they may take more impactful actions. He helps all members of the business to work to the best of their abilities and helps them leverage tools to multiply their impact. His ambition is to have a positive impact on the culture of the following generation.