Valérie Michalk


Head of osteopathy - Ironman medalist

Businesswoman and Osteopath D.O. of the prestigious College of Osteopathic Studies of Quebec (CEO), Valérie Michalk has a lot of knowledge and expertise in osteopathic care.
Owner of Ostéo-Forme Valérie, Valérie Michalk mainly works as an osteopath while being a teacher of osteo-yoga, a form of yoga that she has developed herself. In addition, she is a kinesiologist and massage therapist specialized in sports massage.
4 times Ironman, singer, salsa dancer, yoginie, speaker, Valérie Michalk has an impressive resume of personal achievements that make her an example of success for anybody. Valerie is also a philanthropist who enjoys to get involved in various community events.
With more than 15 years of expertise in massage therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy and yoga, and after having developed two curative and preventive physical approaches: osteopathic yoga and postural yoga, Valerie brings to our team a technical and pedagogical expertise that has no equal.